Terri Nolan

Terri Nolan is California born and raised. She grew up in the San Gabriel Valley at the eastern edge of Los Angeles. She attended the University of Texas at Arlington and earned a B.A. in Communication/Radio & Television. Her first newspaper job was at the News Texan. She left with no regrets when radio beckoned. She lives in Southern California and has been lucky to have had a well-rounded business background in radio, high-end retail, oil, art, and freelance reporting. She’s married and has two children.Terri Nolan’s love of words began at nine when she discovered Vogue feature articles and the Playboy Interview. She’d read the magazines surreptitiously with the help of friends who’d steal their parent’s copies and sell them to her for a candy bar. Her reading rebellion continued into high school when she was nearly suspended for reading the banned book, The Exorcist.

Nolan is a Los Angeles native. She earned a B.A. in Radio/Television from the University of Texas at Arlington and is a freelance crime reporter and novelist. Her Birdie Keane thrillers include Glass Houses,Burden of Truth and the newest, Break Down, to be released February 2015. Her short story, Hobo Joe, appears in the anthology Murder in La La Land. Please visit her at www.terrinolan.com