Samantha Holmes

An unlikely candidate for the occupation of "writer" emerged from a cerebrally gifted, technologically leaning home in Palo Alto. In a place where most kids prepared to become megamillionaires by coding the future, one youngster wanted nothing more than to simply tell gripping tales. One small problem... 

She could barely read.

Being so dyslexic she may as well have been blind, her spelling read like some long forgotten alien text. Undeterred, she began small --- writing adventures for the original Star Trek crew, weaving further Sherlock Holmes yarns --- putting down onto paper anything she could to keep her favorite characters breathing and living anew. With sage encouragement from her hero and mentor (and fellow dyslexic) Stephen J. Cannell, she kept hammering away at the keys. Against all advice to the contrary, she ignored the negativity of the naysayers and persevered. She beat her demons. Now, armed with a damn good editor, her spells bind, her own characters possess hearts that beat and S. E. M. Holmes has finally found her ever expanding (and grateful) audience.