Rick Reed

Sergeant Rick Reed (Ret.) was a member of the Evansville Police Department and
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Department in Indiana for 30 years. During that time he
served in almost all areas of law enforcement, as a hostage negotiator, handwriting
expert, Bunco-Fraud, juvenile, crimes against persons, and homicide. 

In his law enforcement career he was lead investigator on numerous homicides, rapes, 
home invasion and battery cases. But it was during his stint in Bunco-Fraud (white collar 
crime) that he tracked and captured serial killer Joseph Weldon Brown. Reed’s acclaimed 
book, Blood Trail, is the true account of the investigation, which subsequently unearthed 
a serial killer claiming the lives of fourteen victims. While serving a life-without-parole 
sentence for these murders, Brown strangled his cellmate, made coffee, and called for the 
guard to move the body. 

Reed's first book, The Cruelest Cut, introduces detective Jack Murphy and his partner, 
Liddell Blanchard, as they chase a pair of revenge-driven serial killers through the 
streets of Evansville. The Cruelest Cut was released in October 2010. The Coldest 
Fear, is also set in Evansville, where the detectives attempt to follow the reasoning of an 
unfathomable serial killer who is wielding a bone axe. The Coldest Fear was released in 
September 2011. Both of these works have been translated into German and Polish.

Reed’s third detective Jack Murphy thriller, Final Justice, addresses the corruption and 
failings within the criminal justice system. Final Justice was released September 2013.
Reed is currently at work on the book that introduces Jack Murphy, Murphy’s Law, to be 

released in mid 2014.