Jeroen Ten Berge

Early 2009 I had the opportunity to illustrate and design the cover for Serial, written by Blake Crouch and Joe Konrath/Jack Kilborn. Available as ebook exclusively from Amazon it quickly became a #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, with currently well over 500,000 downloads and counting. Following this success Blake asked me to design covers for some of his short stories making them available to anyone already interested in his work, but also as a gateway for people wanting to get a sniff of his writing without having to buy a novel. At the same time it allowed me to design a variety of covers I could use for my portfolio. Marcus Sakey followed. For him I designed 6 covers that were very different from the ones I had designed before. Then came Suzanne Tyrpak, whose cover for Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) was banned by Facebook and created quite a buzz. By the end of 2010 a handful of authors trusted their books to me, with less than 25 a year later. Today designing ebook and paperback covers has become a full time business. I work directly for well over 100 authors, design covers for a variety of publishers, and work with several literary agencies. While a lot has changed since the early days a lot has remained the same. Short stories and novellas I still read completely. However, I don’t have the time anymore to read a full novel before I start to design a cover. Instead I ask the author to supply a synopsis if available, or to point out important chapters of the book, so I can get a feel for the story, and the style of writing. I still need to read in order to find the inspiration to create a fitting and effective design. What hasn’t changed either are the close and loyal relationships forged with the people I design for. Over the years some have become close friends. No-one is too small, nor is anyone is too big. To me all people are equal. If you are an aspiring writer planning to publish your first book, or an established author who wants to jump into the adventurous world of self-publishing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you are looking to brand yourself and your books - look no further. Having been in the branding design business for over 25 years, and ebook cover design business for some time as well, I know my chops. Designing an ebook cover is what I do first. However, an increasing number of authors also want their book published as a paperback, using the services of companies such as CreateSpace. Because I design book covers for Thomas & Mercer and 47North through CreateSpace their specs have no secrets for me. I have designed paperback covers for Blake Crouch, Marcus Sakey, Suzanne Tyrpak, Douglas Walker, Lee Goldberg, Barry Eisler, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Brett Battles, Traci Hohenstein, Stephen Knight, Robert Swartwood, Diane Capri, Steven Konkoly, Joel Goldman, and many