The Ominous Garden & Marital Bliss: A Charles Rathe Double Feature

$ 2.99

Charles Rathe was a renowned magician, traveling the world with his sister and assistant Eliza, performing a mix of escapes, illusions and sleight of hand. But when Eliza died in a terrible accident, Charles was blamed and his life spiraled out of control...until Eliza's shocking and mysterious return.
Now, egged on by his previously dead sister, Charles has become a private investigator. But how can Charles help others, when the bill collectors, a weakness for the bottle, a troublesome ex-wife and the lingering possibility that he's nuts keep him from helping himself?
This volume contains two Charles Rathe stories. First is "The Ominous Garden," in which Charles ventures out into the unknown territories known as the suburbs. The second part of this double feature is "Marital Bliss," which finds Charles searching for Lawrence Spenser, a retired policeman whose wife fears for the worst.

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